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Clifford J. Bates

As President and owner of Jean Bates & Associates I aim to maintain an employee work force that will support each other in a team effort to supply the management and financial services needed by our Association clients. To this end I aim to keep myself educated on the ever changing needs of Associations in the State of California and the technical and service products available to better serve this client base. I must make decisions that will allow our company and the employee team to meet the needs of our clients.


Sally A. Hansen

To provide knowledge and assistance to Community Associations and their Boards of Directors while fostering a friendly environment, preserving property values, and achieving the objectives of the Community.


Christopher Richardson

To provide assistance to Association Members and their Board of Directors in the management of their communities while preserving property values, and achieving the goals of the community.


Paul L.

More than 6 years’ experience in the Community Association Management business with strengths in written & oral communications, organizational skills, problem-solving & trouble-shooting, financial statements interpretation, and budget analysis.


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