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We tailor our standard Management Contract to meet your needs. Each Association is assigned to a Manager. The Manager is the primary contact for the Board of Directors and Association members. The Manager assigned to your Association will have the management skills necessary to match your needs. The Manager will rely on various personnel to serve you, but the Manager remains solely responsible to you. The Manager and supporting personnel will perform the following tasks:

  • Prepare for periodic meetings of the Board of Directors

  • Distribute Agenda Packages to the Board of Directors in advance of periodic meetings

  • Attend Board of Directors meetings

  • Present Management reports at Board of Directors meetings

  • Record and distribute Draft Meeting Minutes as directed

  • Attend Committee Meetings as required

  • Schedule, notify members, and prepare for Annual Meeting

  • Attend Annual Meeting

  • Available for 24 hour emergency response

  • Coordinate Newsletter production with an Editor

  • Receive and respond to phone, fax, and written communication

  • Respond to potential buyer inquiries

  • Carry out the directives of the Board of Directors

  • Periodically inspect the common facilities for repair and maintenance needs and contractor performance

  • Monitor contractor performance and direct work as necessary

  • Provide assistance and guidance in enforcement of the CC&R’s, Bylaws, and Rules in accordance with the Board of Directors directives

  • Interface with other professional service providers as required; ie. Attorney, Public Accountant, Insurance Agent, and Government Agencies

  • Review the financial statements monthly in advance of check preparation by bookkeeping

  • Prepare and develop Annual Budget in advance of adoption by the Board of Directors

  • Provide insight and recommendations to the Board of Directors on all management services and Association responsibilities

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